Serial Entrepreneur, Tech Visionary, Lemonade Connoisseur.

I'm Brian Yang, a founder with a successful exit and extensive software experience. With a passion for creative thinking and problem-solving, I've enjoyed a journey from large companies such as Google, Meta, and LinkedIn to becoming an entrepreneur and investor. Through each challenge, I've learned to persevere and grow both personally and professionally.

Some of my career highlights include:

  • Cofounded a company in 2017 as CTO which eventually exited to the NASDAQ [DGHI] with a peak valuation of $250 million
  • Starting a venture in 2021 as the Executive Chairman and sole initial investor with a peak valuation of $64 million
  • Built multiple large scale datacenters, totaling over 100 MW of electrical capacity. See one of them here in VR ↗
  • Working on the hardest engineering problems at LinkedIn ↗, Meta ↗, and Google ↗
  • Closed a $3 million non-dilutive debt financing round
  • Scaled a company from just myself to 7 executives, 1 director, 3 employees, and over 10 contractors in 6 months
  • Scaled a personal engineering team to 9 engineers in 2 months

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